Update March 20, 2017

Since completing the week dedicated to kickstarting this initiative, the group has been on Spring Break. However, everything has not come to a complete stop. The group has been hearing back from the various city and state officials they reached out to and are beginning to organize the next steps of communication. Here is the additional information:

  • A member of the group, also a Newton Resident, put in an official request for the painting of a sidewalk and addition of a pedestrian signal. The request was forwarded on to multiple departments in the city. As expected, the City of Newton responded that Hammond Pond Parkway is operated by the DCR and all requests had to be made through the Commonwealth.
  • The group heard back from Jennifer Steel of the City of Newton Conservation Committee. She shared her support for the endeavor and also shared that there has been a submitted proposal to add a bike lane to Hammond Parkway as well. She also shared the contact information of additional people to reach out to and indicated that the time was right for such an ask.
  • Representative Kay Kahn responded to the group and suggested that the group reach out to Sen. Creem and Rep. Balser.
  • A representative from Sen. Creem’s office sent a response that they would

Look out for additional updates in the coming weeks.


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