Spray Paint Clean-Up

On Tuesday morning students broke up into two groups to focus on the two different issue areas. Group One was focused on the most effective ways to clean spray paint off of rocks.

After reading articles and watching videos on cleaning spray paint off of rocks, the group identified a few areas of concern:

  • The location of the rock formation would not allow for the use of a power washer which speeds up the clean up process
  • Many chemicals used to loosen the spray paint would have a negative environmental impact
  • The rocks need to continuously be wet for the most effective scraping

Based on this research the group created a supply list to take on this task and planned to do a short outing in the afternoon to test how to best clean the rocks.

Supply List

  • Wire brushes
  • Work gloves
  • Water spray bottles
  • Buckets for water
  • Eco-friendly spray paint remover
  • Dust masks

After working on a graffitied area for nearly an hour the group learned:

  • Lots of water was necessary to help remove the paint
  • It is very tiring work
  • It is possible to remove the paint by hand

The group plans to go back to Hammond Pond Reservation and Webster Woods on Thursday to continue removing spray paint. The group knows that the removal of spray paint may be a temporary solution to this issue, because at any time people could come back and paint the rocks again. At the same time, it feels this work is critical to help protect this conservation land in the middle of our urban community.


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