First Steps…Problems Identified

Today we visited what we originally thought was Hammond Pond Reservation but later learned was both Hammond Pond Reservation and Webster Woods. The initial goal was to do a walk through the parks to learn about visible issues. During our two hour long walk we both looked for physical ways to improve the area and spoke to people that used the parks. Some of the problem areas we learned were:

  • Spray paint on rocks throughout the conservation areas

    Spray Paint
    Spray Paint on one of the rock formations
  • There is no crosswalk and pedestrian crossing signal. Hammond Pond Parkway cuts right through Webster Woods and creates an unsafe environment for people looking to cross there road.
  • In the summer families looking to picnic in the park do not have a designated area and tend to sprawl out blocking the entrance to the park.
  • Some trash can be found in the park, including broken glass from bottles thrown against rocks
  • The trails have limited markings which makes for a more aesthetic hike, but also leaves new patrons confused
  • The entrance to the Hammond Pond Reservation has an old bulletin board that is not used and been damaged
  • Due to the closeness to the road and parking lot, many of the climbing rocks are covered with soot from vehicle
    Image of oncoming traffic at one of the trailheads


After much deliberation, the group determined to focus on two areas- petitioning the state and town for a safe crossway across Hammond Pond Parkway for patrons of the conservation area and clean up on spray paint and class in the woods.

During the afternoon on Monday groups began researching both issues and creating action plans for Tuesday. Continue to follow us for more details on the work groups did on Tuesday.


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